Satellite Symposium

16:50 – 17:50, Friday, November 23, 2018
Grand Ballroom I Challenges in Improving Long Term Kidney Transplant Outcome Moderator: Ya-Chung Tian
Speaker:Horng-Rong Chang
Grand Ballroom II Experience and Patient Outcome with Early Introduction of Everolimus Plus Reduced Tacrolimus after Liver Transplantation Moderator: Rey-Heng Hu
Speaker: Cheng-Maw Ho
Twice Daily Convert to Once Daily Immunosuppressant Matters? Moderator: Wei-Chen Lee
Speaker: Tsung-Han Wu
Junior Ballroom Full Spectrum Organ Transplantation Management in HBV Infected Patients Moderator: Wei-Chen Lee
Speaker: Hui-Chun Huang
SOF-based therapy for HCV treatment within transplantation Moderator: Chun-Yen Lin
Speaker: Tsung-Hui Hu
12:00 – 13:00, Saturday, November 24, 2018
Grand Ballroom I Fighting for Survival, What Can We Do Better in Kidney Transplant Moderator: Meng-Kun Tsai
Speaker: Andrew Viklický
Grand Ballroom II Transforming Transplantation: From Large Scale Clinical Trials to Daily Practice Moderator: Matthias Meier & Po-Chang Lee
Speaker: Wei-Chen Lee & Ming-Ju Wu
Junior Ballroom Addressing Hemostasis and Leakage Challenges in HPB Surgery with a Novel Alternative: European Experience Moderator: Yao-Li Chen
Speaker: Frank Ulrich
16:50 – 17:50, Saturday, November 24, 2018
Grand Ballroom I Fungal Infection in Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT) Recipients Moderator: Wei-Chen Lee
Speaker: Chen-Fang Lee
Grand Ballroom II The Optimization of Everolimus-based Regimen in Kidney Transplantation Moderator: Meng-Kun Tsai
Speaker: Ping Chin Lai
Junior Ballroom Everolimus-based Regimen in Heart Transplantation: A Comprehensive Review Moderator: Shu-Hsun Chu
Speaker: Shoei-Shen Wang
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